Sunday, March 16, 2008

what i know

i struggle when i hear people trying to prove god's existence.
just because those essays, numbers, facts only confuse, and anger people.

the choice i like is the choice to share what you know. i never found god from someone saying "god's there...he made everything, he loves you", i found god from someone saying "yeah, when i met him everything was better". if someone gave me a tract, quoted scripture to me, or said "BELIEVE" i would've found them hostile when i was doubting.

the thing that changed me was someone telling me about a love they can't explain
a comforter they can't see
a father that listens till he's heard
miracles that don't make sense
and a peace that brings healing

nothing can ever say experience is false. the words "jesus was there for me" can never be taken away from someone

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