Wednesday, March 26, 2008

jars and sinks and cats

the lonely bathroom sink groaned as it tried to walk to the garage to pick up it's jellymobile. it was an unfortunate day, however, as the cats were literally falling from the sky, trying to avoid hobbling over any of the purple felines the sink made it's way to the garage.

seeing that it was pointless, it decided to do penance for each cat it injured. by the time the sink arrived at the garage it had to whip itself 8 times with the lightning whip. sarcastically alfred (the artistic garage owner) spoke to the sink telling him that the jellymobile was a hopeless case. realizing the situation the sink captured the biggest cat it could find, so that he would have a way to get around Lanstown.

meanwhile crush, the jar was sitting on his shoe and waiting for the hot dog to drive up to take him to the pop shop, but the meat was over 20 minutes late - something that never happens seeing as how the driver is obsessive compulsive, realizing this he hopped on the next vehicle he saw - which happened to be the sink's cat. as crush hopped on the sink turned around and tried to throw him off - but that was pointless as crush had a black belt in capoeira.

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