Saturday, March 8, 2008


hope is key not only to survive life, but to making it better.

for me, hope is spring, the promise of warm weather, it's there i see the hope of jesus coming back.

jesus is hope. he freed us by dying, coming back to life and leaving us his spirit to say "i'm coming back, soon". in fact the last words of jesus in the bible are "i am coming soon".

no words have as much hope as those. i am coming

it's that hope that drives change.

any movement, change, revolution, love, must have that hope behind it.
if martin luther king hadn't had hope that his race might be set free, if he hadn't had a vision of a free nation, he wouldn't have done anything

he had that vision that his people might be set free.

all of jesus' movements on earth were made to bring hope in to a desolate world ruled by sin and destruction

God sending his son is his way of saying "here's the hope to start you off".

any action we make on this earth must have that same hope behind it.
if i don't have hope that there's something more, well, i'd die.

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