Wednesday, March 26, 2008

love letters

your name here,

i'm sorry, but i have to tell you something:
love is really stupid, but really amazing
seriously, love isn't wanting someone, it isn't doing what you think is right for someone,
and it isn't being jealous by any means, so i'm sorry, but i haven't loved most of you.

and i probably won't love you, so that's nice.

you're quite nice though, and i've been jealous of all your friends, so don't worry about that!

i've also taken the liberty of playing mind games with you, i tried to decide who you are going to hang out with for the next week. that didn't work too well.
i then proceeded to think about how great you are... well, not really, just how important i wish i was to you, so that's sort of the same thing, isn't it???

well, anyway, i've got to go, but i just thought i'd tell you that... well, i don't really care for you that much, i just care about how important you think i am, and so i thought i'd write myself a love letter just to say: i love me.

just in case you wondered

thank you for your time, and willingness to let me manipulate you,

yours truly

my name here

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