Sunday, March 16, 2008

a nice trip

i haven't blogged in almost a week so i just compensated with two other blogs.

this past weekend was an amazing time. saturday was one of the highlights for me. i got to visit a really great family from camp who opened up there house for the day to me. i went snowmobiling for the first time, which was pretty wicked, and i saw some things that really made me think.

i have an obsession with dirty things - that sounds really bad, so let me explain. i love things that are torn down, wrecked, messy (if you've seen my car you know what i mean), broken (like me), and all that jive.

while we were snowmobiling we stopped at an old barn and abandoned house which really stood out to me.

like hamilton

screaming out of that place was a voice as clear as day "this is my house".

when you see a beat up house, an old respectable, but trashy place, you cannot help but wonder what it looked like - before the mold, lime, water damage, snow damage, rust, old furniture, dust, and gross stuff.

i've learned from my church that just as much as god's making all things new in heaven, he wants us to make things new on earth. in that place i had a vision of what that old house should look like.

it needed care, cleaning, love, someone to live there, someone to work on it and take all the garbage out.

i read haggai a few weeks ago while my church was on retreat and i was home, i remember reading "why do you people live in luxurious houses while my house lies in ruins", those words still resound, as the curtain tore and god left the temple and entered the world to live in us.

our hearts, our communities, our cities, all lie in ruin like that house, needing cleaning, care, and someone to make a difference.

seeing that house made me realize what i should be doing, instead of sitting at this computer on facebook while blogging.

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