Monday, June 23, 2008


Hey, so many of you have been following the story of my mom, and so on saturday she passed away. that was sad, but she was a woman of great faith who experienced many trials and overcame them through her saviour Jesus Christ.

I loved her greatly, and will miss a great spiritual mentor, and mother.

if you knew her and would like to come to the visitation it will be held at Dodsworth and Browne Funeral Home on Wilson Street in Ancaster from 2-4 and 7-9 on Tuesday, June 24th.

the funeral will be held around 2 at Meadowlands CRC on Stonehenge in Ancaster.

love you all.

Sunday, June 15, 2008


we have enough time in this world to spend time with one another.

we waste our time thinking about our time.

thinking about the future and the past. dwelling on past sins, and past memories, times we enjoyed and people that frustrated us.

this is a waste, of life, and of thought. we can learn and see God working in the past. but no matter how hard we try we can never live with God as long as we try to live in the past.

i am not a timeless being. i cannot live where God lives in the future or the past. i can only live with God right here, right now in the present.

if i am going to be at peace, if i am going to love, i must do it in this moment, not in any other time period.

God is timeless, i am not. i must live with God the only place that i can, and be present, so i know i have loved God.

the happening

i saw this movie the other day with a good friend of mine, and i thought it was very interesting.

you have a family who is experiencing apathy, and another family with a young girl.

right at the beginning her parents both die in the happening, a strange occurence where people just start killing themselves.

there is no real explanation for the occurence, and in the midst of this, the family grows closer, and realizes the significance of one another.

everyone tries to explain the occurence, and tries to understand it, but sometimes bad things just happen.

no explanation, and the explanation really isn't important.

there is still Good while things are bad.

we try to explain evil, sometimes calling it God's will (haha...yeah right), sometimes we say "all things happen for good" - no they don't, and then we try to place blame.

bad things happen because we are separated from God, no other reason, the only peace we can ever have is from a reconciliation with the one who created us, and even then we live in a beautiful world, with restless people. bad things will still happen all around us, the one thing pure is that peace we have knowing our saviour loves us, and that is more than enough for us.

going home

thank you all for your prayers.

the past while has been a rough time, but its the darkness that jesus came to redeem, it was because of the darkness jesus shone.

my mother has been through great trials, and steve's family has experienced great pain.

both have experienced horrible events, that were never meant to happen.

so often jesus would tell stories taking horrible pain, and showing where God fits in to it all.

we know that God causes no evil, that evil is only the result of separation from God. when we first sinned we left Him, and it's by Jesus' blood that we go home.

my favourite parable is the one of the prodigal son who left home, calling his Father dead, and living a life of sin until he realizes he is hopeless and desolate and returns home to his Father and finds himself once again embraced.

my mom has suffered the fallout of that original sin, the evil and the darkness, and the illness. she has felt the pain of a child far from home, and when she finally passes, she will be fully home. we will suffer the loss, but as we know Jesus can and is wheoever we need. His love is love enough. He is big enough to heal any pain, to satisfy any need. He will not abandon us. He will not leave our side.

the most normal thing imaginable

i so often hear people talk about what sinful and depraved creatures they are, and just as often i hear people talk about how broken and hurting they are... and that's fantastic (?) but also very ignorant. it feels like humility, but is also very proud.

the problem i see is that they love jesus, and believe he's saved them. i cannot be drowning, have someone pull me out of the water, and say "i'm drowning", that's ignorance, that's denying that i have been saved.

i was broken, but i'm whole again.

i can fall back in to the water, but then i can be pulled out again, i can start to fall, but my saviour will pull me back up.

i can still be a hurting person sometimes, but that is only the result of a lack of faith, a separation that still keeps me from being fully in God's presence.

we talk about our sinful disposition as though it were natural, when really, it's not. we were made to be with God, to love God, to love each other, to love unity and all things true, and then we messed up, decided to leave God for that awful tree, and now we live in the fallout.

by no means are we naturally evil. our nature is Good. like God.

the most normal thing imaginable, the most natural thing imaginable is love. we were made in Love's image, we were made whole, and perfect.

i might have a disposition to sin, but a predisposition to greatness in Love.

i can write about pain, and relying on God, and people see this weak person, that needs help, but my Help's already come, he's already saved me, and i know that He is the most normal thing imaginable.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

where are the jelly beans?

Hello my delicious tuna fish. My name is christine, if you buy me a shoelace I will call you my bride. In the soup dish that my flossing machine developed I found a scrumptious picture named car-liscence-plate. My lunchbox missed you the other day when I went to replace the flourescent paint-penguin. “goodbye for now my dear” said the christine to the rhinocerous trunk box. “I will forever cherish our every memory together”. “my toe hurts” I said as I listened for the sound of the speaker. When will the golden tuna fish arrive? I began to wonder as I lay prostrate in the yard. “oh no! the yard sale has begun and I’m so de-composed”. My tongue began to grow numb as the tuna fish began to get closer, I realized I must change the carpets below the fish. So as I mounted the ceiling to shoot gum at the floor, I began to question my motivation. Was I doing this for my tongue or for the fish? Am I the fish or am I me?

This was a question that had been plaguing me long-time. Then my wonderful lunchbox came to me and said who are you?

Who am i? am I the tuna fish? Or am I on the ceiling? Should I take pills? Or should I drive the car?

My wallet then said to me…where are the jelly beans?

I realized I didn’t know. So I drove all the way home in the rain from the ceiling wondering all the way how my car was in my house, and how I could drive home from my house, when all the time I never left the ceiling. My imagination ran wild as I drove… three hours passed before I clued in I hadn’t moved, but yet I was home and my toe was still hurting, and the speaker still blaring and I was in the yard on the ceiling by the fish and my yard sale had started but we had nothing to sell and a thousand people surrounded me and I didn’t really know where I was or who I am, and my tongue was swelling more and more and more and MORE!