Sunday, June 15, 2008

going home

thank you all for your prayers.

the past while has been a rough time, but its the darkness that jesus came to redeem, it was because of the darkness jesus shone.

my mother has been through great trials, and steve's family has experienced great pain.

both have experienced horrible events, that were never meant to happen.

so often jesus would tell stories taking horrible pain, and showing where God fits in to it all.

we know that God causes no evil, that evil is only the result of separation from God. when we first sinned we left Him, and it's by Jesus' blood that we go home.

my favourite parable is the one of the prodigal son who left home, calling his Father dead, and living a life of sin until he realizes he is hopeless and desolate and returns home to his Father and finds himself once again embraced.

my mom has suffered the fallout of that original sin, the evil and the darkness, and the illness. she has felt the pain of a child far from home, and when she finally passes, she will be fully home. we will suffer the loss, but as we know Jesus can and is wheoever we need. His love is love enough. He is big enough to heal any pain, to satisfy any need. He will not abandon us. He will not leave our side.

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