Sunday, June 15, 2008


we have enough time in this world to spend time with one another.

we waste our time thinking about our time.

thinking about the future and the past. dwelling on past sins, and past memories, times we enjoyed and people that frustrated us.

this is a waste, of life, and of thought. we can learn and see God working in the past. but no matter how hard we try we can never live with God as long as we try to live in the past.

i am not a timeless being. i cannot live where God lives in the future or the past. i can only live with God right here, right now in the present.

if i am going to be at peace, if i am going to love, i must do it in this moment, not in any other time period.

God is timeless, i am not. i must live with God the only place that i can, and be present, so i know i have loved God.

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