Sunday, June 15, 2008

the most normal thing imaginable

i so often hear people talk about what sinful and depraved creatures they are, and just as often i hear people talk about how broken and hurting they are... and that's fantastic (?) but also very ignorant. it feels like humility, but is also very proud.

the problem i see is that they love jesus, and believe he's saved them. i cannot be drowning, have someone pull me out of the water, and say "i'm drowning", that's ignorance, that's denying that i have been saved.

i was broken, but i'm whole again.

i can fall back in to the water, but then i can be pulled out again, i can start to fall, but my saviour will pull me back up.

i can still be a hurting person sometimes, but that is only the result of a lack of faith, a separation that still keeps me from being fully in God's presence.

we talk about our sinful disposition as though it were natural, when really, it's not. we were made to be with God, to love God, to love each other, to love unity and all things true, and then we messed up, decided to leave God for that awful tree, and now we live in the fallout.

by no means are we naturally evil. our nature is Good. like God.

the most normal thing imaginable, the most natural thing imaginable is love. we were made in Love's image, we were made whole, and perfect.

i might have a disposition to sin, but a predisposition to greatness in Love.

i can write about pain, and relying on God, and people see this weak person, that needs help, but my Help's already come, he's already saved me, and i know that He is the most normal thing imaginable.

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