Thursday, June 12, 2008

where are the jelly beans?

Hello my delicious tuna fish. My name is christine, if you buy me a shoelace I will call you my bride. In the soup dish that my flossing machine developed I found a scrumptious picture named car-liscence-plate. My lunchbox missed you the other day when I went to replace the flourescent paint-penguin. “goodbye for now my dear” said the christine to the rhinocerous trunk box. “I will forever cherish our every memory together”. “my toe hurts” I said as I listened for the sound of the speaker. When will the golden tuna fish arrive? I began to wonder as I lay prostrate in the yard. “oh no! the yard sale has begun and I’m so de-composed”. My tongue began to grow numb as the tuna fish began to get closer, I realized I must change the carpets below the fish. So as I mounted the ceiling to shoot gum at the floor, I began to question my motivation. Was I doing this for my tongue or for the fish? Am I the fish or am I me?

This was a question that had been plaguing me long-time. Then my wonderful lunchbox came to me and said who are you?

Who am i? am I the tuna fish? Or am I on the ceiling? Should I take pills? Or should I drive the car?

My wallet then said to me…where are the jelly beans?

I realized I didn’t know. So I drove all the way home in the rain from the ceiling wondering all the way how my car was in my house, and how I could drive home from my house, when all the time I never left the ceiling. My imagination ran wild as I drove… three hours passed before I clued in I hadn’t moved, but yet I was home and my toe was still hurting, and the speaker still blaring and I was in the yard on the ceiling by the fish and my yard sale had started but we had nothing to sell and a thousand people surrounded me and I didn’t really know where I was or who I am, and my tongue was swelling more and more and more and MORE!


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