Thursday, March 20, 2008

franklin the absurd pumpkin

i'll explain why i wrote this in a later blog, it's really selfish:

franklin the absurd pumpkin was on the jelly bean ferris whell, when the unfortunate machine decided to stop. his pet lightbulb pinko arrived on the scene just in time to see the machine break down. "pinko!" the cried out "i left the caramel boiling on the stove at home! go tend to the sugar lest it crystalize!" the lightbulb swam all the way home on hydroway number 72. pinko was the fastest utility on the river. he outswam all the toasters, and all the power sockets - mainly to save the boiling caramel. as pinko was almost home his hopes of saving the caramel from crystalizing were dashed, as he was thrown against a pile of rocks by the undertow. as he floated in the trees, glowing a painful glow he heard countless screams coming from franklin's house, the screams of crystalizing caramel. pinko cried, a painful cry. he felt that he no longer stood a chance of saving the caramel, or ever seeing franklin again. just when he thought everything was lost, a penguin by the name of christopher came alongk, although he turned out to be plush, and not of much use, seeing as being plush, he was as good as a ghost. although, fortunately for pinko, christopher the ghost plush toy, was good for one thing - and that was for getting the distress call to franklin. pinko sent christopher all the way to the jelly bean ferris wheel just to say "frankilin, your mother called earlier on today, she found your teepee burnt to the ground, and a thick layer of crystalized caramel covering the ground nearby, the ground is tainted, and will no longer be useful anymore, you ought to research new land". hearing thast franklin, being stuck on the ferris wheel tore his stem in grief. he then set the entire ferris wheel ablaze with the gasoline in his pocket. that in turn cauzed the entire machine to melt and set all the riders free, or so franklin thought, until he realized that the liquid had solidified, and cemented them to the ground. just then a cherry jelly volcano emerged from the ground and spewed jam all over them, giving them temporary nourishment. life for the riders of the once great jelly bean ferris wheel is no longer the same.

all of the participants now live a very dull life. the entire park has been turned in to an exhibit of the participants, and you can see them for yourself for $10 off of upper middle road in oakville.

oh, and pinko now is plugged in to a power outlet in newmarket, and can't speak anymore because he's almost burnt out.

i didn't like that story much

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