Wednesday, March 26, 2008

the alien

freedom is not something of this world

i've realized that.

freedom would be ignoring what people say about you.
not reacting in any way when you're accused of something.
not feeling the need to prove yourself
not trying to put people down so that you feel better about yourself
not telling someone why you're doing something wierd because you're afraid they'll judge you
not thinking about what other people are thinking about you
not justifying yourself at every turn

freedom is being who you are when you are
but you see we'll never know true freedom because we've been so burdened by the people around us, and the thoughts they have, and the judgments they're passing that we can barely go one second without making some action dictated by the circumstance we're finding ourselves in...

and it's just so hard to even conceive of making a single action dictated solely by the incredible acceptance, and love of God ... that it makes me want to try all the harder...

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