Thursday, May 8, 2008

my name is love

the most recent book i'm reading is the source of many of my ideas.

i am no longer mitchell, that happened a long time ago when i started following jesus.

when i started following jesus, his spirit started living in the new me - Him. as a result, i became Him, and He lived in me. and He is love, so i am Love.

that means that my true nature is love, and only love, no resentment. thinking about law, thinking about morality, and thinking about rules, and rigid religious traditions seems almost alien in the light of the name Love, because all those will be fulfilled by the incredible nature of love i find in my new self.

its not that they are no longer needed, but they should be fulfilled by the new life in me.

in the words of romeo "call me love and i will forsake my name and be new baptiz'd"

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