Tuesday, May 13, 2008


i've heard it said a lot "you are loved"

i've heard "you ARE loved" "you are LOVED" "YOU are loved" "YOU are LOVED" and even "YOU ARE LOVED" by the more zealous types...

and it seems repetitive and sometimes even a bit boring, unless you know just how incredible those words are.

every human action is looking for love, somehow.

if i try to make someone laugh to encourage, i am acting out of jesus
if i try to make someone laugh to feel good, i am seeking attention, seeking love

i can spend an entire day in a farm doing manual labour, and be seeking love, if i try to please someone, to get good feelings.

if i feel jealous, and act out of jealousy, it's because i am unfulfilled, and i'm looking for love, even if it seems i'm looking for what my friend has.

as long as i'm looking for love, somehow, even if it's a nagging insecurity, i need to hear those words.

as long as i have worries about tomorrow, about who i'm going to see, if my friend will cancel on me, i don't get it.

as long as i'm trying to be someone i'm not, even in the most miniscule way, i NEED to hear the words "you ARE LOVED"

when i realized i am loved, joy abounds, worry fades, friendships prosper - because i'm no longer trying

and when i know i'm loved no action, emotion, worry, or thing can cause me to act outside of love

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