Tuesday, May 20, 2008

life is true

as i went in to the weekend, not really looking forward to a long weekend, i had no idea what i was in for.

i went to the movies twice on friday, and saw prince caspian twice.
beautiful, moving, and very encouraging.

i spent all saturday resting, and hanging out with my family, which was a great change of pace.

then sunday, one of the highlights of my week, i went to church.

at the 8 am service we always have the same group, the same friends, and it's great to really get to know them in a setting of 10 or so people. we talked for a solid 40 minutes about our week, and a LOT about prince caspian, and then of course the lesson. but then something else, we started throwing a football around and laughing while we kept listening to this is home over and over again.

then my friend liam looks at me and says some of the most grace-filled words i've ever heard:

"you know what i think?
i think life is really great."

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