Friday, May 2, 2008

angry people

lately, i just haven't had the urge to blog, not that i haven't had much to say, just i haven't had much to offer.

that hasn't been good, but i've learned a lot.

something that's been bothering me lately is this: angry jesus lovers

not raging furies, or throwing objects, just people that seem frustrated, and don't know what to do with themselves. i hear them talk about ministries they don't like (guilty), people that don't seem to be following jesus the way they are (guilty at some point - and on another note: who knows how to follow jesus properly? not me), injustice (and not in a "i have something to offer" way).

on another note: i used to be a really angry person, jesus helped me through that, showed me peace, and showed me life, the only thing that really angers me is other peoples anger. it's something i have to work on.

it all seems wierd.

when people get all uptight, frustrated, and angry about injustice, and react with anger it doesn't seem to be the right response.

to get angry about a lack of peace to bring about more peace seems kind of dumb.
on the side of a starbucks cup is written "anger is contagious"

with that being said, will an angry reaction to calm a situation really do anything?
will angry words about injustice cause it to stop?

my interpretation of the bible was that jesus came to bring grace, peace, love and hope to the world, and then, in the ultimate act of love, he shed his blood. this was the redemption of all things.

his solution was not an angry one, was not a frustrated reaction, or outburst of words about what is wrong, but rather a laying down of his life to show love, and bring grace, peace, and hope to the world.

the solution to injustice will never be talking angrily about how wrong things are, it will never be getting angry.

it will be the kind of dedication to justice wherein we find ourselves so in tune with jesus that we are willing to lay down our lives for those in darkness - out of love.

that is shining. be at peace.

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