Monday, December 3, 2007

wakeup call

lately i feel as though i've been perpetually dreaming. i am up late, and i am up early. i feel blessed that i've seen so many beautiful sunsets and sunrises, but at some point i need to sleep. thank you to those who told me to go to bed, and told me "you need to rest!" (candace, josh watterworth, my mom, jeanette, thats all that comes to mind right now... but there were definitely others). i've recently noticed that i've been losing contact with a lot of people, i've been so tired, and busy that they've dropped out of my life. i'm looking forward to spring coming... nothing against winter, but i enjoy the rain, and late night sunsets a lot more than long nights and dead trees. there's obviously a lot of beauty to winter, but the forever night gets to me. i've noticed that people as of late have been having it rougher, things are getting to them, and i think it has to do with the longer nights. i think people find it depressing, melancholy, and the dark causes them to feel more alone. and thats a scary thing to feel. i've always noticed people are happier, and better adjusted in spring and summer. the times when the weather's nice, and the sun is hot. i think i'm gonna go rest...

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