Saturday, December 15, 2007

i'm amazed.

last night was the christmas banquet, and i had the privelege of being at the jr high ugly christmas sweater party. now that in of itself was sweet, but afterwards the serve team stayed behind to clean up. not just after themselves, but after the senior highs as well, then they also stuffed operation good thing bags for homeless youth. amazing. these guys are incredible, intense, servant hearted, loving, eager, did i say amazing yet? i couldn't believe how extreme they were. a few of them were so intensely in to taking out the garbage (not just a bit of garbage... but heaps of garbage bags with chicken guts volcanoing out of the top) that when i told them "you guys need a break, go finish off the cake in the other room for five minutes" they said to me "no! gotta finish the garbage". then they swept, mopped, scrubbed the place clean, and scrubbed the dishes in a little sink. now as though this wasn't enough, a few of the garbage bags exploded on the way to the dumpster, because they were overfull. i walk over to help out, and i find a bunch of them bare-handed picking guts and goop off the ground and chucking it into the dumpster in the cold at 1230 in the morning. these guys are extreme.

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