Monday, December 31, 2007

new years, holidays, etc

i'm really tired of the holiday season. don't get me wrong, the sentiment is amazing, but everyone's either flying high, or finding a new low.

as i'm sitting here...on facebook on the turn of the year, i'm hearing people desperately looking for something to do, and people who don't want to say goodbye to 2007. the problem with the holidays is everyone wants the media ideal of the holidays - perfect friends and family to spend it with. when they don't get that it brings them down, hard. i'm excited to see the holiday season go, that way we can all get back to normal life, and normal emotional states, rather than flying all over the place.

i know this year has been amazing for me, lots of hard times, but that's what made it a year, no story is without conflict. 2008 should be equally incredible, and yes, i'm desperately looking forward to being back at camp this summer, and spending the spring with the underground.

then, i have no clue where i'll be.

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