Tuesday, December 18, 2007


so i'm at the hospital right now. some of you might not know, but my mom's had cancer for a while. she's getting better, don't worry. but naturally my thoughts have turned to death... why? because lots of people die at the hospital. it's not uncommon to see people crying around the hallways of mcmaster. i do find it wierd. i mean, i'm walking on grounds where tons of people, now dead, have walked. although... come to think of it, that's the case with the whole earth. morbid, i know. when i see the kids, who are in sick kids, it's kind of sad. it's an injustice when someone half my age (9) is sick, and doesn't get to experience a "traditional/happy childhood". i was listening to a sermon about the pharisees, and how they ignored things like mercy, justice and faithfulness, and as i hear a moan of pain from across the hall, i can't help wondering how much i have in common with them. gosh, i wish someone would turn off the call button. the beeping is killing me. wow, i need to watch my diction.

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