Monday, February 18, 2008

a light metaphor

something i have a hard time with is winter.

most of my family has something called sad, which basically means seasonal affective disorder. as the days get shorter, their bodies miss the sunlight, and it causes something like a temporary state of depression.

i've inherited that, and sometimes it sucks. though something that's easy to lose sight of is jesus, and the fact that he's not changing any time soon.

something that has great significance to me, as a result, is light.

when i think of spring coming, i get excited, because that means the days are getting longer, the light is winning.

when i think about darkness, i think about the source of sadness, the pain it can cause, and then i realize just how significant jesus calling himself the light is.

he's the source of all joy, and brings grace and peace in to the depths of darkness, and restores the light.

the sun rising each day is a testimony to jesus' triumph.

i dunno, just a few thoughts. i haven't blogged in a while.

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