Saturday, December 5, 2009

climbing trees

i don't think christians have enough fun. our fear of God, and our fasting, solitude, and "humility" preclude the possibility of delight and celebration being worship.

our distorted worldview causes us to think - i realize not always, but quite often - that if it's fun it must be irresponsible, or a poor stewardship of time.

this isn't the Father's heart. my God's never been boring.

the phrase "pure fun" has too long been used to refer to playing board games in a church basement on a saturday night while not eating too much junk food because that could rot your teeth.

when my dad gives me a present his greatest delight is to see me enjoy it.

my dad isn't perfect but i believe that he fathers because he's made in the image of the Father and His characteristics shine through in him even though they may be dim sometimes.

if my imperfect father delights in my delight doesn't that mean something for my heavenly Father?

God gives us life and everything past that. solomon writes in ecclesiastes about a man who is given everything he wants by God but never enjoys it. this - he says - is meaningless. (ecclesiastes 6.2)

christians believe God gave us life, and God gave us creation. he wasn't creating an army of slaves, but a creation he wanted to adopt as children. jesus' coming accomplished our adoption and now our hope is for jesus' return.

God created children to enjoy their enjoyment and delight in their delight.

colin gunton writes that every action we take either impedes or anticipates the perfection of all things.

the christian life is meant to anticipate and live the kingdom of God now.

the kingdom of God isn't heaven - heaven's a temporary place and will fade away with this earth - and in God's kingdom we won't spend eternity singing and dancing, we'll live lives similar to now, but perfect, and equal. always joyful, always peaceful, no hurt, no pain or sadness.

our worship is bringing and anticipating this kingdom now.

if joy and enjoyment are in the kingdom of God doesn't that mean we anticipate the kingdom when we enjoy - when we have fun? isn't worship bringing a smile to God's face? doing what delights our Father?

this creation isn't a throw-away piece to God, treating it well is good, so is enjoying it.

we need to have worship services climbing trees and jumping fences.

our God, our Father delights in our enjoyment of the creation and life he's given us. He loves food-fights - "isn't that wasteful? what about kid's in africa?"

a) it'll be moldy when it gets to them.
b) what were jesus words to judas when he condemned the sinner for pouring a year's wages on jesus' feet? "this is a beautiful offering."

a food fight can be an offering to God, he doesn't condemn food fights, nor should we.

there will be nothing boring in eternity, and i don't think there will be many serious faces.

i wrote this really roughly and i probably didn't articulate it as well as i could have with more work, but i need to write this for myself to worship more in my delight.

please, upon reading this if you're near a body of water jump in it; if you're near a muddy pit, roll in it; and if you have a cake in your fridge eat it with your hands. blast soulja boy and dance - ignore the bad lyrics and don't be a pharisee.

if i've said anything potentially offensive or theologically incorrect get the principle behind the precept: enjoy life as your worship to God, don't be condemning or a pharisee.


victoria.cai said...

I like this post alot - it is something that a lot of Christians need to realize. I'm proud of you, Mitchell :)

Wes said...

Thanks Mitch, you're great bro!