Monday, November 5, 2007


my thoughts are scattered right now.

my friend led worship the other night. it was inspiring seeing someone who has been through so much leading worship, and still choosing to love jesus, and taking comfort in his love.

i want to go to cambodia or thailand, there is a starbucks in the neighbourhood i like, and i could work there if i desired. that would be nice.

the youthbuilders are in my prayers, i love them all a lot. i think we should be friends with each other. i'd like that.

i think i'll move to beasley. it's a lovely place. it will be fun.

the meeting house has been good to me. i grew up there. i love all the people there. gareth ate a fish. sinner.

my eyes are very close to closing and i have to wake up at 430 in the morning for work. that's very early. oh well, there's coffee waiting for me at work.

fields of mudan was a very disturbing film. watch only if willing to feel moved into action.

i've lost touch with a lot of people. i'm sorry for that, ask me for coffee. i have a lot.

i need to sleep now. i love you all.


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