Wednesday, October 31, 2007


i had what turned out to be one of my most cherished halloweens this evening. i hung out with my good friend jeanette from the freeway community and we shared many wonderful experiences.

jeanette and i started out our evening at a williams, me sipping espresso, her drinking i'm not sure what... i know she turned down a white mocha. anyway, from there we decided to go to beasley neighbourhood - home of the freeway coffeehouse. we dropped in and talked to the baristas (friends from church) and then went walking. we started out at the seniors residence. there were about 10 elderlies ready to hand out candy, but no trick-or-treaters. we decided to make friends, although when a group of puppy dogs (4-year-olds) arrived we were no longer necessary, so we continued our walk down rebekah. we then noticed the olive branch, so we checked it out, but an elderly woman came to the door and said "it's a private meeting tonight". we asked what it was about and she said "mission for the needy" and closed the door. thank you. feeling unwanted we continued on our adventure. after that we walked to beasley park. there we saw some of the local youth skateboarding. we swung for a bit and admired a mural and started to walk to the other park in beasley on john street. on john street we met an amazing woman named diane. she had her nephew over, and was the only decorated house on the block. she told me that it was her twelfth year living in the neighbourhood. she also happens to work at a tim hortons. her nephew was one of the funniest kids ever. he is four and gave both jeanette and me the grand tour of the decorations. after that we came upon the other park where we looked at another mural painted by the kids, they did an impressive job on it. after that we just started wandering around. we crossed a few railroad tracks and then hit the more suburban area of beasley. we saw a group of around 20 kids with two moms (impressive people moms are). then we got hungry and stopped at a restaurant. the first one we saw was pho bo. it was very good food, however, the water tasted quite odd... we decided the free jasmine tea was a better choice than the water anyway. the store owner was one of the nicest guys ever. he was super helpful, and kept giving jeanette "real peppers". in other words whole spicy peppers that are ridiculously spicy. she told him she liked spicy stuff, and he gave them to her. it was really funny.

the community, and closeness of the area is making me want to be a part of it as well. i loved getting to know everyone, and thanks to jeanette for a wicked awesome time. that was an amazing halloween we shared.

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