Saturday, November 22, 2008

shattering images

something that i've been thinking about for a while is how we see God:

we have the beautiful image of jesus carrying our sin on the cross, that's pretty wicked, i mean, we suck, and so God takes our suckiness on to His own shoulders. He died for all of us. sweet! there's our freedom.

we have cute baby jesus sleeping in a donkeys food trough silent...not really actually

then we have the burning bush...powerful - and other old testament images of a powerful God leading us...

these are all nice, good ways to remember God, but most of those are past images of God. ways that God HAS shown up. we need to shift our sight to right now.

brother yun, a great preacher, and minister for God said in his newest book "most churches see God in the past, and in the future, but never see Him as a present figure in our lives" that was a paraphrase because i'm too lazy to pick up the book and write it out. 

thats so true.

quick trivia question, in the old testament what distinguished our God from the pagan gods?

don't think too hard about it, it's really easy, their gods were inanimate statues. 

our God was known as "the great I AM" or my favourite "the living God".

our God is ALIVE, he didn't end at the cross, rather He began a new movement when He came back. "the great mystery of the ages has now been revealed - Christ in you the hope of glory".

remember the past images of God, how they show His love, but now remember that He Is in our lives right now. that when you were saved Holy Spirit came in to your life to help you live a new life without sin. 

He's right here right now, ready to perform signs and miracles. 

"I tell you anyone who has faith in me will do what I have been doing. He will do greater things than these, because I am going to my Father."


we forget that our God is the living God, that He isn't far off. He's living in us, and ready to do signs and miracles, and forgive us. we can have joy right now! we can be forgiven right now! He can heal us right now! we have this bad perception that we're evil, wretched, bored and helpless until He comes. but He can take all those away right now. 

He's moving right now.

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