Monday, September 22, 2008

a few things

- i went to the ancaster fair this weekend, i've decided i don't want to grow old, cause then i won't be invincible anymore (that's sarcasm of course)
- people have wierd ways of relating to each other, they talk about all the bad in a funny way...why not laugh about and celebrate the good? that's more christ-like, lets not give evil any face time.
- we all enjoy bad things in some way, think about notes from underground "i enjoy my toothache, it gives me something to complain about", sadistic pleasure in a toothache...even though it's painful, and bad he enjoys it, similarly we get excited about sickness, and things we complain about, something to do to break the boredom - which is in some way sin because we are dissatisfied with what God gave us. if we are filled with the spirit things of the spirit (love, peace, grace, get it) follow. are you filled with the spirit, fully living in His love? think about what you enjoy and talk about, see if it is really that way.

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