Monday, August 11, 2008

an update

okay! so i'm at home on my day off, let me update you on my life:

i'm up at camp 12 more days, i'm very VERY tired, and could use a lot of prayer.

i miss my mom, but God's been doing some awesome things in the wake of her death. it's amazing how when we're in pain he "makes all things new". that's redemption.

because i'm tired my anxiety is really bothering me, please pray about that.

God is working incredible things up here at camp, and i love Him very much.

today my jesus made me think about how deep my mom's love for me was, and showed me how much i miss her. that was hard, but in that place he said "my grace is sufficient". that's pretty sweet, and then he said that his love is deeper. when i said "she prayed so much for me" he reminded me of that place in romans 8 where it says the spirit intercedes for us.

where my mom has ended, the spirit has come to fill all those holes.

i apologize for bouncing around so much, i'm super tired, and just drank some sleep tea.

oh! also, i'm moving downtown this year, and i have my job back at starbucks as of august 25th, so prepare to experience some legendary service!

i'm so glad jesus loves me, you have no idea until you've felt grace. i don't know how i can forget it.

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